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bios, morphe
March - April 2024 | New York
“Derived from the Greek words bios (life) and morphe (form), Biomorphism refers to abstract shapes that evoke the forms of living things like plants, organisms, and the human body.”


bios, morphe  was a fundraising group exhibition that explored how elements of historical Biomorphism manifest in contemporary artmaking, continuing to serve as a tool for making sense of oneself, one’s environment, and one’s position in the world. The artists in the exhibition present the familiar as unfamiliar, engage absurdity to critique social issues, juxtapose unexpected imagery, and make human and alive that which is not. This exhibition was co-presented by Civil Art and Loft121 and was held at Maison Mono.

bios, morphe

In this collaborative endeavor together with Loft 121, a diverse group of artists engages in a seamless dialogue through visual representations of the uncanny and the biomorphic.

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 Installation View

Opening Reception, Raffle & Afterparty March 16, 2024 | Maison Mono, NYC

In celebration of our community and the eight talented artists featured in bios, morphe, Civil Art hosted an opening reception at Maison Mono. Curated beverages were graciously provided by Ten to One Rum and Lunar Hard Seltzer.

The opening  reception included a fundraising raffle with gift donations from local API businesses, including Nudibranch, Tin Parlour, New Hair, and Maison Mono.  

Civil Art is a fiscally sponsored (Player Philanthropy Fund) 501(c)(3) non-profit organization & principal exhibitor. All contributions to Civil Art are tax-deductible to the fullest extent under law.   

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