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At the Table
Summer 2022 | New York
“Food is a universal necessity that is intertwined in one’s journey in life, working as an archive of memory.”

(p.8, At the Table Cookbook, 2022)


At the Table was a charitable program, built on the foundations of creativity, community, and education. With prominent API visual artists, culinary artists, scholars, and designers, their voices are featured in various forms of exhibitions, publications, and public events. This project was sponsored by East West Bank. Proceeds from the exhibition and the cookbook will benefit Heart of Dinner.

At the Table

30 prominent API artists presented at Christie’s flagship gallery providing opportunities for participants to have their stories and ideas reach a larger audience. We asked our guests to join us “At the Table” as we built awareness, shared stories, and strengthened our community.

100% of Christie’s proceeds were donated to Heart of Dinner.

Artists & Artworks
 Installation View


At the Table: Cookbook

“Coinciding with a private exhibition at Christie’s, composed of works from more than thirty AAPI artists, the NGO Civil Art has published a cookbook aimed at supporting and empowering the community being a voice to their culture through food. Born in the midst of the pandemic —an especially troubling time for Asian Americans— the cookbook features 46 family recipes of artists, writers, chefs and creatives.”

—Purple Fashion Magainze

Read Cookbook  Here

* Heart of Dinner played a significant role in helping collect family recipes from professional chefs; At the Table Cookbook was generously funded by East West Bank.

Private Dinner, Book Lunch, Afterparty, & More!

Exhibition Reception - Christie’s NY
Private Dinner & Book Launch - PalPal by HAND Hospitality
Afterparty - Split Eightrs NYC
VIP Walkthrough
VIP Lunch - Lodi
Exhibition Reception June 20, 2022 | Christie’s NY

Private Dinner & Book Launch June 20, 2022 | PalPal (HAND Hospitality), NYC

To celebrate the community that made At the Table 2022 and At the Table Cookbook possible, a private dinner event was hosted at PalPal, NYC. A curated menu, Asian-inspired and featuring recipes from Civil Art’s cookbook (by Chef Sol Han and Chef Changki Kang), was served to the guests.

This event highlighted the number 88, which symbolizes good luck and fortune, a significant number in Eastern Asian diasporas. Civil Art invited 88 guests, priced the cookbook at $88, and collaborated with a restaurant whose name word-for-word translated to 88.

* Private Dinner & Book Launch was generously funded by East West Bank.


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Heart of Dinner
Founded at the onset of COVID-19, Heart of Dinner works to fight food insecurity and isolation experienced by Asian American seniors—two long-standing community issues heightened by the pandemic.

Heart of Dinner serves elders throughout NYC, delivering weekly care packages filled to the brim with culturally thoughtful hot lunches, fresh groceries, pantry essentials, and bulk ingredients while supporting local small businesses during their COVID-related recovery process. Our carefully curated foods are bundled inside uniquely decorated bags with handwritten notes of love attached.

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